Team Project Management

TeamTat makes it easy for managing a team annotation project by allowing the annotation manager to conveniently distribute annotation workload to a group of individuals and to collect, and merge individual annotations.

screenshot-01 You can upload documents in any format such as BioC, text and XML, or import from PubMed and PubMed Central. [Screenshot 01]
screenshot-02 A project manager can invite annotator(s) to work on a given project. [Screenshot 02]
screenshot-03 Document assignment can be done manually, or automatically. Documents can also be assigned offline and uploaded. [Screenshot 03]

Streamlined Annotation Interface

TeamTat allows each annotator to work independently and provides visual clues when comparing results with another annotator. TeamTat also supports many user-desired annotation functions such as ability to annotate both entities and relations, pre-annotation, inter-annotator agreement, etc.

screenshot-04 You can annotate directly on text with annotation type, concept ID, etc. Multi-label annotatoions are also supported. [Screenshot 04]
screenshot-05 Relation annotation is document level and entities can appear on different sentences, paragraphs, or sections. [Screenshot 05]

Full Text Annotation with Figures

Users can annotate documents of any length, including full text journal articles, in multiple data formats. TeamTat interface can display all figures of full-text articles in PubMed Central.

screenshot-06 If an article is retrieved from PubMed Central, TeamTat can display all images in text. [Screenshot 06]
screenshot-07 For annotators' convenience, TeamTat display figures in full text with captions. [Screenshot 07]